Thursday, October 22, 2015

Buying a House in Florida: We Can't Move Until You Move....

No, this article is not about packing materials and moving vans.  It is directed at prospective home buyers who contact me and "want to buy a house." 

Buying a home is an organized process.  Each step of the process is ordered.  The first step should be finding a local real estate agent to help you.

One of the first areas your real estate agent will address is your ability to purchase.  It serves no purpose to go look for a house if a purchase is not possible.  Most buyers are not cash buyers.  If one has the ability to pay cash then all that is necessary is a proof of funds letter or statement. Read "Questions Your Real Estate Agent Will Ask When You Call them the First Time."

But most buyers obtain a mortgage for a purchase as large as a house or condo.  The ability to purchase is given substance when a buyer has a mortgage pre-approval letter.  So when your real estate agent requests a letter or recommends contacting a mortgage lender, act.

Because your real estate agent can move until you move

Here are some specific articles about the home purchase process - especially mortgage pre-approval, mortgage pre-qualification and cash purchases.

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