Friday, March 31, 2017

Buying a Home in Florida: I have an opinion but it is not my decision.

One of the great challenges of being a Realtor is keeping my opinion to myself.  As a Realtor I deal in the known.  I may not be the expert but I am a source of the source.  My buyers will get referred to the right expert. 

I remember a prospective condo buyer was viewing a condo with a vacant side lot.  The view of the ocean was great.  Then he asked what would be built next door.  I could not say if or when it may happen.

Many times buyers will ask about how much life is left on the roof or air conditioner.  I tell them I am a real estate agent.  I can only tell you how old a roof or air conditioner is if the information has been provided by the seller.

I recommended buyers research the presence of any sexual offenders or predators in a neighborhood.  Of course, the answer is only as good as the information available today.  And a buyer has no way of knowing who may move into an area.   [Search Florida Sexual Predator Database.]

Buyers will sometimes ask if a neighborhood is good or not.  I refer them to the local law enforcement professionals.  The same goes for the school quality.  [Brevard County Public School Link here.]

Another question I receive on occasion is how much a pool will add to the resale value of a house.  The value of a house in the future is an unknown.  As for a positive return on a pool installation who knows for sure?

While there is a great deal of risk management involved with my answers there is also something even more important - buyers need real usable information from the best source.

For me, or any other real estate agent, to answer such questions is to give an opinion.

Yes, I have opinions.  

But buyers need facts. 

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