Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Buying a Home in Florida - Respect the Process

The process of buying a home is really logical.  The steps are logical.  There is an order - and a reason - for each step along the way.

From "when to start looking" to "what time is the closing" the steps have a specified order as well timeline.

A major responsibility of the buyer's agent, which I take very seriously, is educating the prospective buyer about the home buying process in Florida. 

The more a prospective buyer knows about the home buying process, the easier it is to respect the process.

One of the first points I address with prospective home buyers is the importance of time.  The time necessary to close, the time limits for inspection, time line for loan processing, etc.  In real estate time is of the essence.   It says so in big bold letters in our Florida Realtors/Florida Bar Offer to Purchase contract.
Another point I make to buyers about time.... while I will always treat you as my number one customer at the time, you are likely not the only one at the time.

The reason I add this last comment about time is sometimes buyers may see a house and want me to stop everything where it is and schedule a showing at that moment.

I could possibly be at a doctor's appointment, listing presentation or even showing other buyers properties.  Still, that does not mean I will ignore your request.

The process of scheduling requires access to the MLS and either calling an office or scheduling online.  And some listings have 24 hour notice requirements, posted restrictive hours or even a loose pit bull named Satan on the premises (yes, has happened!).

I caution buyers to do not call on the listing agent to show them a house because "my agent is busy." The listing agent works for the seller and, when they find out buyers are working with an agent, will likely send them back to their agent.

Buyers and sellers should understand their Florida Realtor has obligations and responsibilities - to the process and to the customer whether seller or buyer.  And not to be overlooked - the other Realtor who he or she must play well.

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