Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Biggest Obstacle to Selling Your House

I read an article this morning about the top home buyer and home seller regrets.  Not surprisingly the top seller regret is not spending enough time in prepping their home for the market.

This goes right back to the key to selling -  The Three Ps of selling your home.  

While a good professional real estate agent is crucial to selling your home it is also critical that a seller be a willing, active participant.

So what is the biggest obstacle to selling your home?  Emotions.  Regardless of the individual (seller, buyer, seller's agent, buyer's agent or whomever), the biggest obstacle will always be emotions.

I tell my buyers to relax you are buying a house, not having a baby!  The same goes for everyone.  Calm, patient, respectful and minimally emotional...that is the best way to sell a house!

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