Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Home Buyer Tips: Why You Want a Sales Skills in Your Real Estate Agent

Sales people turn off a lot of people.  Even I, who in reality is in the sales business, do not want to experience the hard sell.  Nothing bothers me more than going to a car dealership where you have to treat sales associates like flies...swat them quickly and they don't come back!

Still, when you to buy a house or condo expect your real estate agent to be a sales person and not just a "consultant." 

What do successful sales people do?  For one, they are able to identify the prospects goals and desires.  They are able to ask the right questions to define the needs and budget.  They are able to develop a relationship with their prospect. 

Sales professionals understand the details about their product.

Note what I did not include here: assert themselves and twist arms!

For a real estate agent, details translate to local knowledge and experience.  Details include knowing the neighborhoods, the school locations, having a network of reliable, professional contacts.  

Another reason buyers need a buyer's agent with sales skills?  In a buyer's real estate market such as the current Melbourne, Florida real estate market your real estate agent may need to sell your offer to the listing side. 

There are often competing offers (multiple offers) for target properties.   Your agent's professionalism and develop relationships with other real estate agents can influence outcomes.  Your agent's experience in helping you present the best offer (not always the highest) is critical for success. 

A real estate offer is often much more than price alone.  It is the whole package - price, contingencies, timelines and more.  The cleanest offer is often the successful offer.

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