Friday, April 4, 2014

Buying and Selling Your Florida Home: One "unseen" non-player in the real estate transaction

In Texas Aggie country  the home crowd is referred to as the 12th man.  The crowds are not actively participating in the process but rather loudly heard non-players.

Most real estate transactions have the same players: buyer, seller, real estate agent, inspectors, surveyors, lenders, title companies and attorneys.

And many times the real estate transaction has some unseen non-players

In the case of a first time home buyer it may be parents who, although unseen, are likely loudly heard.  In the case of sellers it could be the neighbor down the street.

The unseen player I am referring to here is the psychology of the real estate market.

The real estate market speaks to buyers and sellers through media.  It whispers thoughts into the minds of buyers and sellers.  Sometimes what is being spoken is misinterpreted 

Sometimes what is spoken is not accurate.  I heard Clark Howard remark on the Clark Howard radio show yesterday that the Internet is a source of information and not necessarily a source of fact. Well put, Mr. Howard!

It could be sending the message that there are fewer buyers in the market so I have an advantage.   It may be telling the seller that no one in their right mind can refuse the deal I am offering at this price.  It may be telling the seller that fewer properties automatically means I am in the driver's seat when an offer comes in!

Very often the primary job of the real estate agent is psychologist - listening and then explaining the meaning of the message.

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