Thursday, April 24, 2014

Home Buyer Tips: Sit and wait....

The process of buying or selling a home is pretty simple on the surface.    Still, every transaction is different.

But, once all the "issues" have been resolved, the inspections completed and closing date scheduled, what does a buyer do in the interim?

NOTHING - if you are not paying cash, that is.

Buyers should place their lives in a holding pattern. 

Do not apply for or get a new credit card.  That credit card offer to transfer balance on a card should be trashed.  Furthermore, do not go out and start charging purchases on any existing credit accounts.   Don't apply for a loan to buy that new car.  Do not quit your job.


Because before closing, even though you are already "approved,"  a change in credit scores could hurt your mortgage approval or interest rate.  A change in jobs could create a problem as well.  If you must go out and buy new furniture on credit, do it after closing.

Your mortgage company will likely verify employment, credit status and other things a few days before closing to make sure no changes have occurred.

So, the period of time between the inspection and the closing should be boring...very boring. Bide time...

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/