Tuesday, April 29, 2014

March 2014 Median Sales Prices - Single Family Homes Brevard County, Florida

It is all about location....within the neighborhood, within the county.  In central Brevard County, Florida the March 2014 single family home sales prices demonstrate the value of location.

For instance within the "mainland" central areas of Viera, Suntree and Rockledge (by zip code), the March 2014 single family homes sales were.
  • 32940  - 73 sales with median sales price of $220,000  (Viera/Suntree)
  • 32955  - 69 sales with a median selling price of $177,250. (Viera/Rockledge)
As you go further south the zip code just below 32940 is zip code 32935 where the median sales price was $96,500.  Go north of zip code 32955 you will find in zip code 32926 a median single family home selling price of $130,000.

What about as one goes toward the ocean?  To east over on Merritt Island zip code 32952 had a medians sales price of $165,500 and zip code 32953 was $190,000.

Still heading eastward toward the surf the "beach side" the figures climb somewhat.  In just two of the zip codes along the ocean the median sales prices were 32931 ($299,950) and 32937 ($235,000).

The above reflects median sales prices within the selected zip codes.  That is not the average price but rather reflects the price at which half were higher and half lower.

Add direct water front, on the golf course, in a gated community, etc. to the criteria and the price paid was quite likely higher than the median reported selling price.

If you are moving to Brevard County, Florida, knowing the selling prices based on location within the county is useful in deciding specific locations to consider.