Thursday, April 10, 2014

Selling Your Viera, Florida Home as a FSBO

Sometimes you wade into the water only to realize it is not safe and the current takes you for a ride.  If you are lucky you survive. 

And if you survive, hopefully you have learned a valuable lesson.

I had a call today from someone who is trying to sell a Viera, Florida home as a for sale by owner (FSBO).  They were asking my opinion of their price.  By the way, I am OK with questions for FSBO sellers,

I know most of the Viera neighborhoods and the homes within the developments.  This particular property is located in one of those cookie cutter developments.

His floor plan is pretty common but his price was not so common.   It was more of a "hope and prayer and possibly a bring me a sucker" price.
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

My intent here is not to deride one who opts to take the FSBO challenge.  Rather, it is to encourage the FSBO seller to consider a couple of strategies.

First, with the availability of information on the Internet your potential buyers will likely know as much (or more) than you about the real estate prices in your neighborhood.

Secondly, make sure you disclose material facts about your house that affect its value.  In Florida, that is the law whether FSBO or using a real estate agent.

Whether you are considering buying or selling a FSBO you are invited to take a look at these posts.
Lastly, if you have tried to sell your Viera, Florida home as a for sale by owner and are thinking of hiring a real estate agent, call me please.

Even in today's real estate market with fewer homes for sale buyers must be sold.