Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Home Seller Tips - Is it worth it?

I wrote this while sitting in the auto repair shop this morning.  Fortunately the issue was not a major repair although not inexpensive either. 

I considered doing it myself.  I checked into the Ford parts department a couple of days ago. The parts cost was about $250.

I asked the service department staff if it was an owner capable repair.  The response was "Well, if you have some skill."

I paused.  I went home.  I considered his response. 

The next day I made an appointment for the repair.  I possibly could have done it successfully.   Then, I may have failed and then had to call a professional.

Sitting in the waiting area made me think my decision was probably similar to the decision faced by some for sale by owner property owners.

I had to consider several factors.  Things like the value of my time, my comfort level with the process, and, most importantly, the likelihood of success.

The cost of parts, whether from the dealer of the shop, was basically the same.  The question I had to consider was... Is the minimal added cost of having a professional provide the service worth it?

In the case I said yes.

If you are considering selling your home as a for sale by owner, what say you?  Are you comfortable, confident, and willing to take the risk?

In Brevard County, Florida, if the answer is no or maybe not, then give me a call.  Lets talk about how I can do the work for you.

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