Sunday, April 6, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Skip the "fluff" and include the "stuff."

While listening to the radio this morning I caught the end of some advertisement for a dietary supplement.  The disclaimer said something like "this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

Made me wonder why anyone would buy what they were selling.  I guess that is sort of truth in advertising. 

As a real estate agent I wonder if some home buyers would not be better off if the listing agents would include a disclaimer in the MLS entry for the homes they are "trying" to sell.

I have seen a few homes where it would have been quite appropriate to add "this information is not intended to sell or lease this home."

Sometimes the information provided is lacking.  Sometimes there is no information at all.

Sometimes the words are so "fluff" and no "stuff."  What is fluff I speak of?  Phrases like "move in ready," "bring your toothbrush,"  "needs your personal touch," "a blank canvas," and "a view to die for"  Are you getting the picture?

If you are selling your Viera, Florida home make sure the agent you hire to sell your Viera, Florida home provides prospective buyers with useful information.

What is useful information? I suggest some of these...
  • The number and types of rooms.
  • The room measurements are sometimes helpful.  
  • How about including things the floor number for a condo?  
  • If there is an association, what are the fees?  
  • How about attaching the seller property disclosure to the MLS listing?  
  • If there are recent updates provide specifics like "roof replaced in 2012," or "AC installed this year."  Be specific.   Avoid the use of generic descriptors like "newer" or "recent." Finally, if there are some negatives I encourage this information be placed out there right away.  If your home needs a new roof, go ahead and say so.  Do not come across as hiding any information.  Disclose and don't hide issues.
Why provide so much information?   Because selling your home is a life disrupting process.

Most buyer's agents will screen their customer to make sure they could really buy your home if they like it.   As a seller, by providing the information up front, you can be more confident those who view your home know what it offers, both good and not so good, before they arrive.

 Finally, one of my all time favorite pieces of "fluff" is...... "Property is filled with nostalgia."