Saturday, April 12, 2014

The real estate transaction: Always a win-win?

I just read an article about the importance of creating a win-win situation in the real estate transaction.  It reminded me of the youth ball leagues where there is no score keeping and its all about participation, I guess.

The real estate transaction is not an athletic event.  It is not an athletic competition.  Over the years I have worked with a few buyers and sellers who looked at the deal as a gold medal event.  And I was OK with that attitude.

To me success means both sides reached a deal each decided they could live with even if they did not win some contest. 

Competition is a mindset. 

How does a buyer evaluate success?   How does a seller evaluate success?  If one wins, does it mean the other side loses?

The real estate transaction is a process with a goal.

The goal could be buy at the lowest price possible or sell at the highest price possible.  The goal may be tied to a specific time frame.  The goal may be not to get the absolute highest price but to get out from under a mortgage one can no longer pay (as in the case of a short sale).

So does every real estate transaction end in a win-win for both sides?

In an ideal world, yes. In reality, no.

Your real estate agent should focus on achieving your goals whatever the goal.   If you reach that goal, you win.

Is it necessary the final score (price) reflect a trouncing?

Anyone who knows me understands I am a competitive person whether playing golf or monopoly.

My approach to real estate is work hard and play fair (follow the rules without deviation) to meet my customer's goals and expectations.  When I do that, we win.  Still, that doesn't mean the other side lost.

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