Friday, May 23, 2014

Home Buyer Tips: Choosing Your Brevard County, Florida Mortgage Lender

There are many things your real estate agent will know.  And most real estate agents are aware of the limits of their expertise. 

One of the areas in which I am not an expert is mortgage lending.  Sure I can answer some basic mortgage questions but when it goes deeper I refer mortgage loan questions to a local Brevard County, Florida mortgage provider.

I do not have some secret preferred Brevard County, Florida mortgage lender list.  Still I prefer my buyer customers select mortgage lenders who meet these characteristics plus the one mentioned in the last sentence
  • local,
  • real person,
  • real office.
Many inexperienced buyers will be surprised by all of the questions and requests these lenders ask.  To some it may even appear to be mostly a hassle.

But your mortgage professional will not not make requests or give advice without a reason.  All of the players in the home buying process have the same goal - getting you to the closing table

And the last characteristic I want in a lender... 
  • focused on solutions and not the hurdles.  

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