Friday, May 16, 2014

Home Seller Tips - You can still live in your house!

Selling your house disrupts your life routines.  There is absolutely no way to get around this and still accommodate showing requests, open houses, inspections, etc. unless you move out before selling your homeThe reality is most do not have the luxury of vacating their home while selling.

Sellers are living beings not frozen in time waiting for the buyer to show up.  Coming and going, work, school, youth sporting events and whatever still happens.  So keeping your home showroom ready at all times can be a challenge if not really impossible.

As a seller's real estate agent I am a realist.  I do not expect a showroom perfect home.  I have an expectation of my seller clients doing the little hings to not distract prospective buyers.  What are some these things a seller can do to aid in selling their home?
  • Consider a pre-listing home inspection.  If your home is more than a few years old, I always recommend a pre-listing home inspection. 
  • Remember the two rooms buyers focus on when looking for a new home.  The kitchen and bathrooms are two of the critical features that influence buyers when shopping for a new home. 
  • Protect yourself. Don't forget safety and security 
  • Make sure you are showing only your home.  Too much furniture makes a house look cluttered and small.  People don't stand around in amazement impressed by a rooms capacity.
  •  Take down some of your pictures and diplomas.  Lots of family pictures, may again distract from the properties positive characteristics.
  •  Remember the exterior of your home.  You only get about ten seconds to impress.  You either grab the prospects attention right away or it becomes an uphill battle once inside your house.  Look at the paint, lawn and flower beds. The front door needs to be clean and inviting.
  • Selling your home is all about the "senses" including smell.  Preparing your home for the market is hard work.
The above list is not the complete list of how to prepare to sell your home but it is a start.  More importantly, none of the issues addressed above mention moving out.

You can sell your house and live in it as well.  The good news is most buyers understand this as well  - within reason.

So when you get ready to sell your Viera or Melbourne, Florida home, call me for a free market analysis.  Want advice on getting it ready to sell, call me.

Finally, I want to be your Realtor® of Choice when you sell your Melbourne, Florida home.