Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rockledge, Florida Homes for Sale: Become an informed buyer.

Just because you can doesn't necessarily mean you should.   

In the real estate business it is not uncommon to see some do it yourself additions that are lacking in design, performance, or both.

Almost always it is the older homes that seem to be the "victim" of non-permitted, non-inspected additions.

As a buyer you inherit what you are buying including the problems.

Some things a buyer should never inherit unknowingly include the projects where the home owner skipped a few steps along the way.  Things like getting permits, code inspections and, more importantly, introducing some dangerous shortcuts, are not fun to deal with later.

As a buyer, make sure you understand this and become an informed buyer.

How does one become an informed buyer?
First, hire a local, knowledgeable real estate agent.  Buyers, at least here in Florida, generally do not pay for their real estate agents.  The seller does! This includes new construction as well.  So this absolutely no need to proceed without your own Florida real estate agent.

Secondly,  hire the right experts once you have identified the house you are considering purchasing.

Who are these experts buyers should "hire?"  Number one, a qualified property inspector.

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