Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What is a "motivated" seller or a "serious" buyer?

I always encourage home sellers to review the marketing material their real estate agent puts out about their home.  Not so much for grammar mistakes but just to know what is being said especially any inaccuracies (like what is included in the sale).

I have read many listings where the MLS states rather emphatically "Seller motivated."

First of all, how many sellers are not motivated.   The bigger question is the degree of motivation.  A few descriptive adverbs may sound nice but how much more meaning does "very" carry?

As a seller's real estate agent I have on occasion received calls from a buyer's agent who had questions about a Viera home I had listed for sale.  Some of these agents say their buyers were serious.  Some put it as really serious buyers?  

Adding adverbs like "very" or "really" may sound better but serious and motivated are best conveyed by pricing.

Most buyers interpret motivated sellers as one with with a reasonable, competitive listing price. 

Most sellers interpret serious buyers as those who make, at a minimum, a reasonable "lets talk" offer who also have a mortgage pre-approval in hand (or a proof of funds).

Are you seriously motivated about buying or selling a Viera, Florida home?  I want to talk with you!