Monday, May 26, 2014

Who wins? FSBO Buyer or FSBO seller

Sometimes I wonder who has the advantage...the FSBO seller or the FSBO buyer?

FSBO buyers have this primary consideration....get a better (lower) price because the seller saves the real estate agent commission.

FSBO sellers have this primary consideration - get a better (net) price because the real estate agent is cut out.

The advantage goes to the one with the knowledge.  Knowledge of the process is an advantage.  If one does not have a handle on the ins and outs, they are at a disadvantage.  Knowledge of the local market is an advantage.  If the buyer is represented by a real estate agent then they likely are in the position of advantage.

Sometimes those who have knowledge of the FSBO challenges still chooses to hire a local expert.  Take this headline for example, CEO Enlists REALTOR® to Sell His Home

In this case the CEO believes his house is too much home for a FSBO transaction.  What about your most valuable possession?  Does your home deserve less professional care?