Monday, May 26, 2014

Why you should call YOUR real estate agent.

I read an article this morning where an agent had some customers make the comment "Anyone can open a door." when there was a schedule conflict with showing them a house today (holiday).

My response to these buyers would have included the sentence  "Your real estate agent is not just anyone."

Your real estate agent is your personal source of information about the real estate market and the processes involved in the purchase of your home.  Your real estate agent is your local expert.  Your real estate agent understands your needs, priorities and your budget.

Perhaps these folks do not understand how real estate agents work (and get paid either).  Perhaps these folks were going to call the listing agent.

Then again, the listing agent works for the seller and not them or any other buyer in the state of Florida.  In Florida there is no dual agency. A real estate agent works as a single agent of one party, or as a transaction broker but can not represent both buyer and seller.

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