Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Time Home Buyers are buying…

That is what I am hearing. I received an email yesterday that urged me as a real estate agent to target first time home buyers.

I clicked on the link to the sender's site which of course was willing to sell me some other services. There was a summary of the National Association of Realtors Profiles of Home Buyers & Sellers, 2008.

Back to first time home buyers…. Why target them?

  • No house to sell! They are not tied down to a property that may or may not sell.
  • Ability to make a decision now.
  • Almost 40% of all home purchases made by first time buyers (reason enough).

How do you target a first time home buyer? Work with an agent who uses the Internet to market! Over 90% of first time buyers used the Internet to search for their home and almost 40% found the home on the Internet!

Selling in the Viera, Rockledge and Suntree area of Brevard County Florida? Call me. I would welcome a chance to discuss how I can assist you. [You did find me on the Internet.]

If you are a first time home buyer in Viera and Rockledge, call me. The process may seem daunting but it is not when you have help from a licensed Realtor. And remember, buyers do not pay the agent - the seller does!

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