Monday, February 9, 2009

Sometimes we get it wrong…

I saw President Obama on TV recently where he admitted making a mistake. He was referring to his nomination of Tom Daschle for a cabinet position.

Sometimes I miss the mark as well. I have been performing price opinions for lenders for some time where I provide an estimate of a selling price given the current market – sometimes an aggressive price. [Many of these are "short sales."]

I routinely go back a couple of months later and see if any of these homes had sold yet. The one I just reviewed was still on the market – two months later at a price of twenty thousand less than I thought was a good great price!

I looked at my comparable properties. They were still on the market as well at the same price as they were two months ago.

Hindsight shows the competitive properties were (are) overpriced as was my estimate. How is that for not accepting responsibility!

In reality we (sellers, real estate agents) must price the properties attractively so buyers will look.

After all – it is the buyer who really sets the price!

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